alumnae-seminar-2015-croppedIncome Inequality: What's Happening to the American Dream

The 36th Alumnae Seminar


Wednesday, October 21 - 9:00 a.m. registration, 9:30 program, 12:30 lunch


The Italian Center, 1620 Newfield Avenue, Stamford, CT; 


Cost: $40 per person, including lunch.


Has income inequality become a fact of life, or is it a situation we can and must fix? Are we moving toward a more "Gilded Age"? Join us as we explore the widening income gap: whom it affects, why it has grown and how it might be narrowed with:

  • Markella Rutherford, Professor of Sociology at Wellesley College
  • Douglas Amy, Professor of Politics at Mount Holyoke College
  • Gene Callahan, Professor of Economics at Purchase College, SUNY
  • Ilene Lang, Radcliffe College alumna and past president of Catalyst, Inc.


To register, click here:!current-program/cww4

The Alumnae Seminar is sponsored by the Seven Sister colleges and is OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC. Women and men are cordially invited to attend.


Wednesday, 10/21/15 at 9:00am - 1:30pm | iCal


The Italian Center
1620 Newfield Avenue
Stamford, CT

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